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Kennel Arctic Maple was registered in 2008 by the FCI and the NKK (Norwegian Kennel Club), but we have had jack russell terriers since 2006 (when it was registred with NKK).  The name Arctic Maple is put together by our nationalities: Marianne is from Northern Norway, which reflects the Arctic. Devin is from Canada, and therefore a bit of Maple.

We are a family of seven plus some brown and white dogs.  We are very interested in these small terriers because of the type of dog they are - a tough little balanced dog with a huge personality!

Our goal is to have dogs that correspond to the FCI standard, and in addition to this, we focus on a good temperament and the lack of inherited diseases. We also participate in dog related courses for our self - there is a lot to learn from many skilled people.

We want active dogs, and therefore train agility and blood tracking as well as going to dog shows.


You can contact us by email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at +47 47 02 73 37

To view our locaton, click here:  Arctic Maple


Current Memberships:

Description Member since
NKK Norwegian Kennel Club 2006
NTK Norwegian Terrier Club 2006
ARF Authorised Ringpersonnel Association 2009

_'__*The Swedish Jack Russell Club __*'_2013

Completed Breeders Courses:

Year Diploma
NKK Breeders Course - Part 2 2013
NTK JRT Breeders Course w/Lena Kjempengren 2013 diploma
NTK JRT Breeders Course w/Judge Helge Kvivesen 2011 diploma
NKK Cynology Course w/ Judge Per Harald Nymark 2010 diplomadiploma
NKK Breeders Course - Part 1 2009 diplomadiploma